Expertly hand-tied flies and fly-tying materials hand chosen for you, delivered once per month

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Bann Valley Fly-Tying Monthly Subscription Box

So how does it work?

Once you sign up we will be in touch to find out what type of flies you want to tie.

Every month you'll receive a range of quality materials to tie specialist flies in your chosen style.

Each box builds on the last enabling you to tie a wide range of variations whilst building your skill and collection.

How much does it cost?

Each box is just £20 including worldwide delivery.

You can cancel your subscription at any time, for any reason.

What will I receive?

We offer a range of different boxes to suit your style and interests, including:

  • Still Water (inc. nymphs, buzzers, drys, lures, blobs + 25 hooks)
  • Wild Loughs and Lake Flies (inc. bumbles, dabblers, leggy wets, dry and wet mays, muddlers + 25 hooks)
  • Salmon (inc. tubes, hackles, fur hairs + 10 hooks)
  • River Trout (inc. drys, wets, nymphs, tungsten czecks, streamers, New Zealand style + 25 hooks)
  • Sea Trout (inc. wets, surface lures, fry, eels, shrimps, night patterns, specials, glow patterns + 25 hooks or 10 saltwater hook)
  • Dollaghan (inc. wets, muddlers, doubles, tungsten nymphs, streamers, tubes, specials, glow patterns + 25 trout or 10 salmon hooks).

No matter what you choose you'll also get access to videos showing you how use the materials as well as tips from our experts on how to get the most out of them.

Bann Valley Flies Monthly Subscription Box

So how does it work?

Once you sign up for your first month, we’ll be in touch to ask you about your fishing habits, and any upcoming trips, anywhere in the UK, Ireland or beyond.

We’ll hand tailor your first set based on our extensive experience in fishing, and in tieing some of the world’s best flies over the last 10 years.

How much does it cost?

Each box is just £14, including worldwide delivery.

You can cancel your subscription at any time, for any reason.

What will I receive?

At least 13 flies, each hand tied, and chosen based on what you’ve told us, and our feedback on what’s working for our other customers this month.

We’ll also give you some background on why we chose each fly, as well as tips on how to get the most out of it.

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"Caught a few stonkers on your flies today"

Brian Campbell

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Brian received his first pack for Stillwater fishing and went out and did the business on his local.   He also receives flies for variouse other waters I including river flies when  needed.  

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I do a lot of wild fishing and work as a fishing guide.  My fishing is mainly on the Test river and on the big Irish loughs.  I am really fussy about the flies I use and love the quality of Bann Valley flies.  Getting a pack through the post keeps me topped up with quality pattern and keeps my fishing fresh as I like trying new things.  I can’t recomend Bann Valley enough.

Eddie Adair 

Eddie Adair River Test Guide

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We send Eddie a mixture of river patterns from nymphs right through to wets and dries depending on the time of year.  He also lets us know when he is heading to the loughs and we send him special packs for these trips.  

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 I've tried and tested a lot of stuff and I find the small Black & silver type flies work best in the Maine river. Had this monster above a few seasons ago with a size 16 silver stoat, and regularly getting 4, 5, 6 lb fish on these kind of flies.

Niall Darragh

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Niall receives small pattern for Lough Neagh dollaghan And has some great success in the upper Lough Neagh system. 

Hero shane boat

Just received my monthly subscription from bann flies, great idea and great quality flies delivered straight to your door.

Thanks Sebastian McMichael

Shane Gallagher

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Shane gets a selection of lake and lough brown trout flies from Bann Valley each month.  From time to time we send him some salmon flies when he need them and also some rainbow trout patterns over the closed season. 

Shane is an acomplished angler and need quality flies that catch fish on his waters and at the same time have durability. 

Hero john cassidy

 With this amazing 6lbs 2oz wild Irish brown trout.  "I can’t wait for the next month's flies to come in the post to try them out, lovely fly tyings and very friendly and helpful service. A great way to get your fly box built up, quality flies and I recommend Bann Valley flies"

John Cassidy

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We send John selection's for the west of Ireland lakes.  These include Dabblers, Mayflies, and Peter patterns along with the latest inovations.    

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When you sign up we will contact you. 

We then hand select and send you monthly flies based on your fishing style and any special requests we try to meet. 

Bann Valley Big Lough Box

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All you have to do is go fishing and wait for awesome competition flies to arrive through the post. 

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No - minimum term.

No - crazy login details.

Yes - Awesome flies to your door each month.

Bann Valley Fly Club

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We ask you once you sign up about your favourit fly fishing venus then using our knowledge of fly fishing and fly choice we send you selections suited to each month.  We also send a letter with tips and suggestions on how to use them.  we have thousands of fly patterns to share with you.  

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"Almost all of the flies I use now are Bann Valley flies. They're exceptionally well tied, and they just work."

Ned Maher, Ardaire Springs, Kilkenny

Hero ned ardare springs flies

Ned owns a fishery in Kilkenny, stocking excellent quality Rainbow Trout. He's a keen destination fisherman, often taking trips to Alaska and Canada. His subscription boxes include a range of natural patterns, along with a mix of lures and micro flies for when trout are particularly picky.

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"I often fish with Bann Valley Flies in big matches. They're tied to extremely high standards, and are often specified by some of the top anglers in the UK, giving any angler a competitive edge."

Scott Nellins, International Competition Fly Angler, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Hero hero hero flies

Scott spends a lot of time on the Scottish rivers targeting large Brown Trout and Greyling as well as travelling all over the UK and Europe for angling competitions. His subscription boxes include seasonal river flies, tailored to wherever he's competing each month.

Hero trevs big brown

"The Bann Valley Flies guys know their stuff, and they're always spot on with fly selections that make sense. The flies themselves are second to none."

Trevor James Down, House Fishery Manager at Screeb House, Co. Galway

Hero trevor screeb flieso2

Trevor acts as a guide for Salmon, Sea Trout and Wild Brown Trout in loughs around Connemara. His subscription boxes include duck flies, olives, mayflies and other lough flies chosen by our team, depending on the time of year. He swears by our minkys and dabblers.

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