With his range of low water shrimp flies patterns such as the Apache and a hand in perfecting he Bann Special and other shimp flies changing the profile and materials used for different water conditions.  Metican bugs in a range of colours and longtail shrimps that you would only get if he hung them in a bush and didnt retrieve them.  

He also has many caps for lough fishing competitivly and his bumbles are still a secret it many anglers box.   The colours specially dyed for his bumble range in the ticket and we have the recipe for them.  This year 2021 wh have brough some of the bumbles to our range.  

We already had some close to his originals in the range but we have gone to alot of effort to dye the materials and use real blue jay for these flies as the originals were tied.  

If you need a big bushy bumble for pulling through a wave for melvin.  Or a bright flash or olive variants for corrib during the olive hatch and mayfly these flies are for you.  Smaller sizes like 12 are a great patterns for lighter conditions.  I remember hearing older anglers saying all you needed to search for trout was one of his clarets and a golden bumble and you could fish them all year.  We had to make them available for out subscribers and the wider angling community 

the range are as follows 

Berts Ruby Claret Bumble 

Berts Invicta Bumble 

Berts Golden Bumble 

Berts Sooty Bumble 

Berts Johnston Bumble 

Great fish are caught with great flies

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