Roach on the fly

Early on in the season the bottom reached of many rivers that flow into lakes thay hold course fish will have an abundance of Roach in them.  

I have been asked more and more for flies suitable for course fish so I decided to give them a go so I knew a bit about what worked.  

On my local river we get so many roach at this time of year they normally are a fish that get in the way when I am trout fishing today I targeted them and really enjoyed the action. 

They really liked the nymphs and as you can see a dull Pheasant tail worked today quite well.  Bright flies worked last time but today the dull options did the trick. 

Comming up on dusk a light rain came on and the small buzzers hatching got stuck on the water.  There were hundreds rising and I had a few fishing the nymph close to the surface before I switched to a small dry fly and had a few on the top. 

Smaller patterns worked well and normally drifting either the nymphs or drys but also a moving fly worked from time to time as well. 

Great fish are caught with great flies

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