Do you want to tie better Stillwater flies

Tying stillwater flies can be great fun, with so many synthetic materials on the market these days you can really develop so many new patterns:  This can also be a problem with so much material it can be hard to know what is the best material for each job.   We have created monthly packs the help you build up the most up to date and reliable materials for your stillwater fly tying. Each month you will tie a different style and will have lots of mateirls to creat variation of that style, this Including cutting edge Fritz materials quills and wraps for buzzers the right coatings for epoxy buzzers and materials for CDCs and other dry and emergers and so much more. 
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Below is an example of a booby pattern done with perfectly ballanced eyes this eliminates spin as much as possible on the fly.  

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If you are keen to enhance your stillwater flies weather you are new or experienced, creat amazing flies, benifit from Video content and build up a collection of awesome materials the monthy fly tying subscription is for you. 

For £20 per month 

You will get 


Loads of Materials to tie a different style each month.  (More than £20 worth) 

access to videos with tips and advice. 

@ Bann Valley I am trying to make fly tying more enjoyable no matter what type of flies you want to tie wheather thats salmon trout stocked trout or lake flies.   Weather you are a new fly tyre or seasoned this will enhance up your fly tying experience. 

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