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So as a young fly tier it became difficult trying to creat the flies I wanted at the standard I wanted.  As I became more experienced I began to understand that most of this is about the mateirls we use for example the difference beteween a cock hackle and a soft cock hackle can make a huge differnce to your flies.  The dubbing you use and the quality of your ribbing material all helps.  When you get to the head the thickness of the stems on your hackle really show so again its another problem that can be overcome with the right materials and tips.  

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@BannValley I have just launced a monthly fly tying box based around the type of flies you want to improve.  Each month you will get hand selected materils and awesome bonus materials.  As you go through the months the packs build your collection of shades of hackle and materils. Dyed mallard and so on expertly dyed mostly by myself.   Then you will get deer hairs and all type of synthetics and legs. This will mean you will build a great selection of mateirls to tie all the lough flies you will need and more.  

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So what do you get 

x25 Hooks each month as standars. 

Then a range of materials to ties on the 25hooks plus loads extra (more that £20 worth) 

Genetic Hackles 

Specilist Feathers


Mayfly Mateirls both wet and dry 

Sedge and peter materials 

Daddy materials 

You will be able to tie set patterns and variation so for example you might get Golden olive materials one month for bumbles then another month you might get Clarets and Magentas.  Once you have this we then send you the Dabbler master class so you can now tie golden and magenta dabbler and bumbles plus use the new material you have got for example you could do dabblers with muddler heads and so on.  

Once you progress on through we will send hopper legs and soft hackles so you can now tie Georges and leggy lake patterns.  

Dry mays sedges peters will also be possible over time with videos to show you the tequneiques needed. 

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If you are interested in tying better lough flies or anything else message me on [email protected] or head to the webiste and sign up for the fly tying box and I will follow up with an email 

Thanks for looking 


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