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I spent years tying my own salmon flies.  Over this time I have discover how to choose the right mateirls and componants to creat the best patterns for me.  You need to take into account the hair or fur you use.  Then you have the whole matter of tubes and heads and cones.  This can be very frustraiting trying to figure out what cones will match what tubes and so on.  This is why I have created the monthly fly tying packs.  Basically once you sign up we contact you to find out what type of flies you want to creat then we send you a pack of materials each month to tie flies suitable for your fishing.  This could be salmon flies,  rainbow trout flies, river trout flies or wild loughs to name a few programs we have running.  Over the months you get packs that build a master collection of specilist mateirls suitable for your chosen area.  We will also give you access to videos showing tips and tequniques. 

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Havind a wide range of flies in your salmon fishing arsenal will really enhance your fishing.  You will be able to go from heavy tubes to hook patterns hair and fur wings, you can also make hitch patterns that skate close to the surface.  

Here are some beaded singles designed for small deep pools were droping a fly down to the depth the fish are lying at is very impiortant. 

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Into summer and the small hook patterns are most effective fished in light water on a floating or a sinking line. The right hackles dyed to perfection will really enhance these flies for you  I normally use soft cock hackles as they have shine as well as mobility in the water.  

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If you are keen to learn more and get monthly packs of mateirls that you can use to make a wide range of flies in the post, have a look at our fly tying subscription www.bannvalley.com and write salmon when you check out of you can have mateirls to tie wahtever you would prefer.   Feel free to message me on [email protected] and im always happy to help 

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