Monthly lough and Loch fly tying packs

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For thoes interested in tying Irish lough flies tying bumbles is a great place to begin.    Above is an example of the claret bumble pack I have just put together for thoes wanting the create great lake flies.  

In this pack you will recieve 

X25 Strong wet fly hooks 

X1 Pack of Bann Valley Supernatural bubbing 

X1 Dyed hot orange golden pheasant tippets 

X1 pack of Metz byed blue Grizzle cock hackle 

X1 Pack specialy dyed dark ruby claret Metz hackle 

X1 Spool of fine wire rib 

The following month I will be sending a pack for sooty bumbles this pack with have more bumble materials but will include silver wire instead of gold and also some more tailing materils and new hackle colours.  This is how we will build you a collection of amazing materials each month that complement the other months. 

Once we start to send you leggy lough fly packs like Georges and also muddler and dabbler packs you will be able to use the hackles you have already recieved to make even more variations.  

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If you are interested in becoming a member of the monthly fly club for lake flies or other fly tying packs you can look at our website here 

This is an example of a sooty pack for lake flies 

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As you get more materials you can creat new patters like the flies below for example I have used the sooty materials and also some legs from a Georgiouse George pack to creat a leggy sooty bumble and also uses some firey brown hackle to create a rich front on some of them and a bronze mallard tail.  

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Georgiouse George Pack 

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