Self Isolating In a Small Wave

If your anything like me your traditional tried and tested patterns don’t get ebough time on the water give them a chance and you will be amazed by the results. 

Image titleFirey Brown 

Image titleSooty olive 

Image title

Green peter 

Early season can produce some great fish on dabblers and other attractor patterns.  Fish tend to be feeding up and keen to take a fly. But I have always noticed the effectiveness of small flies on days when the Lough is not churned up as much on the shores.  Rather than stripping big flies through the wave a lighter cast and slower retrieve will pay of as fish have a bit more time to decide if they want the fly or not in calmer conditions.

Image titleGolden olive

The best tactics for this are a floating or intermediate line and a long cast of 6lb fluorocarbon and size 14 and 12 flies should be fine.  

Traditional wets in a range of styles are important patterns as well as black flies and olives to represent Duck fly patterns. 

Image titleMarch brown 

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I hope this helps you catch more fish this is working for me and I hope it ups your fly game also. 

Great fish are caught with great flies

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