My Fluorescent Green Dabbler

The Original Use 

So it started as a bright pattern for late season on lough melvin for pulling in the wave for daphnia feeders but it has so many more uses. 

Mayfly and the Loughs

This season once lockdown had eased and we could get onto the water we went to the lough to fish the mayfly.  I had a friend new to lough style fishing and I gave him one to try as the fly was very green that we saw hatching.  He had a fish on it nearly streight away around 2lbs near kesh on Lough Erne I fished my green drakes and more popular mayfly patterns and this fly andI had a small fish.  Since then we havehad fish on it a few times and even managed to get a few fish clearly feeding on fry, the bright green colour can also look like some fry shades.  It has also worked on Lough Mask and Corrib and also Conn through the summer and into Auguse for sure.  This incomming season I will definatly give it a good go early on in March and April and see how it goes for fish on the shrimps in near the rocks.  

Stocked Browns 

Back longer than I want to admit I was on Carron Valley lake fishing for stocked browns and again this fly came up trumps as an attractore and also took the fish feeding on snails and beetles.  It must have been the green in it or might just be the fact it is a very visible fly.  The one thing I remared was although it was on the cast as the middle dropper as an attractor pattern to bring fish up the fish would take it very confidently.  

Seatrout and Salmon

This pattern is a great top dropper pattern for seatrout and salmon in the lough.  It has the right bright green that these fish love and I would suggest it is a great seatrout and grilse pattern from June onwards.  If you want more info on lough style salmon and seatrout see here. (

Rainbow trout 

This fly also workes really well on larger lakes for rainbow trout fished on a floating or intermediate line.  As well as being a really good stocked fish colour the style also works as a deadly damsel nymph pattern.  

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Kamasan B170 or B175 

Thread - Fl Chartreuse or Fl Green UTC 

Tail - Cock pheasant 

Rib - Pearl or mirage medium 

Bann - Green Highlander Dubbing Or Bright Green 

Hackle - Green Olive Genetic Neck or Saddle 

Wing - Bronze mallard x2 strands midge flash pear

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